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Drain Unblocking

Drain Unblocking
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Drainage Problems!?

Drain Unblocking, Toilet, Showers, Baths


High Pressure Water Jetting

This is the process of using water propelled at high speeds to clean surfaces and materials. This application is particularly effective in clearance of drains as the impact of high pressure water on a blockage is to soften or emulsify it, which restores flow aided by water used in the jetting process. All Draintime24hr Vans carry HPW Jetting equipment. 

Toilet Unblocking


 Blocked toilets are likely to be the most inconvenient and unpleasant drainage problem you might experience within a domestic property. There are a number of reasons that a toilet may become blocked.

Not designed to cope with large quantities of mass such as nappies, tampons or lots of toilet paper, toilet systems can easily become clogged with these items.

Or there might be other problems such as broken pipes further down the system - a slight break in a pipe/drain is enough to cause waste to build up and can often repeat itself if the problem is not treated properly.

Our engineer may recommend a CCTV survey to visibly see the problem and provide viable ways of preventing any further blockages.

Regularly cleaning, plunging and flushing your toilet will prevent the slow build-up of scale and small bits of waste turning into larger problems.

Draintime24hr will not leave your property until your blocked toilet is fully cleared and repaired. 

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Seeing is believing


   CCTV  is crucial to identifying the source of problem.  Hairline cracks let water egress out of the pipework. This in turn can cause problems outside of the pipe; flushing away, over time, the hard core that keeps the pipework stable.  Larger cracks and holes allows water to ingress into drains and sewers causing flows to increase and bringing with it silt and debris, which in turn reduces the diameter of the drain and subsequently causes blockages. 

Pre Planned Maintenance


  Pre-Planned Maintenance (PPM) works for a vast array of commercial clients.
We are able to discuss any problems that our customers may be facing and propose a bespoke maintenance plan to prevent loss of revenue or general inconvenience through a programme of regular works.  

As a genuine 24/7 company, we are able to carry out these works in silent hours to avoid disruption and loss of trade.

Your business is unique and often has complex drainage requirements. A PPM agreement will help to prevent drainage emergencies from occurring and we are able to tailor a service that will support all your internal pipes and drains, incorporating such things as;

  • Basin and urinal pipework
  • Cleaner’s sinks
  • Toilets
  • Drains from bakeries
  • Food processors
  • Dairies
  • External rainwater drains (to guard against flooding).

Our professional and experienced engineers will visit your site and advise on the best course of action to help prevent costly drainage emergencies from occurring in the future.





We do not charge a Call out fee, our contact centre will give you a rate for the service that you require.



Our engineers will be able to give you an indication of timescale once they have viewed the problem.



Yes. All Draintime24hr engineers have specific insurance combined liability cover for Industrial and domestic drain and pipe cleaning/repair, service and CCTV surveying. We also carry Public Liability cover to a value of £5 Million



Foul odours can be a symptom of a blocked drain or a drain venting to atmosphere. Ask one of our engineers to visit and investigate the problem for you, they will then be able to advise on the best course of action.

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